The 50th Law: Self-Reliance-Make Everything Your Own

I am continuing my series on the 50th Law with an analysis of the second chapter, titled: Make Everything Your Own---Self-Reliance. This chapter of the book focuses on 50 Cent's experiences both on the street and corporate level and how he learned the importance of self-reliance.  While his struggle to be independent on the streets as a drug dealer may not be relative to those of us "square" law-abiding citizens, the lessons he learned there were again learned while working within the corporate structure as a musician.  50 Cent quickly points out that the laws of business and human nature are often similar regardless of the fragment of society we are all in---although we all know that on the streets, the results of a bad business deal could mean death, and not for instance, the public firing of a top executive.

He points out the heroic story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a successful boxer who was imprisoned for many years for a crime he didn't commit.  So strong and self-reliant was he, that he refused to let his mind waver while being imprisoned all of those years and did not take any restitution money after finally being released from prison.  Carter was determined to keep his independence and to never be self-reliant upon anyone, including the government system.

According to the 50th Law, dependency is a habit that is easy to acquire and found in everything from jobs, drugs, experts and mild pleasures we all use to pass the time (page 58).  Dependency is something that we all have to struggle against in order to not let our lives pass us by.  And in order to be successful, we must keep our minds strong and keep ourselves focused on our goals.

50 Cent offers these keys to fearlessness, which I am providing a brief summary of:

  1. Reclaim dead time.

  2. Create little empires.

  3. Move higher up the food chain.

  4. Make your enterprise a reflection of your individuality.

[50th Law, pages 61-68]

To learn more, pick up a copy and read for yourselves.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it.


To learn more, pick up a copy and read for yourselves. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it.