The 50th Law: Push Beyond Your Limits-Self-Belief

The 50th Law moves along in Chapter 9 aptly titled, Push Beyond Your Limits-Self Belief.  In this chapter, the authors tell us to push beyond our limitations and believe in ourselves in order to accomplish our goals.  The belief is that knowing who we are as individuals and having a strong sense of self is what determines our actions and our goals in life.  This self confidence and fearlessness is not easy to attain and at every turn people will try to remove your originality and try to get you to conform to their conventional patterns. From my own experiences in life, I have learned that it takes a strong and confident person to be different.  To ignore the haters and those who are envious and want us to fail.  For those who are different and shun the normal and mediocre, instead daring to be different find that they are often cast aside and treated as pariahs. Most people don't want that experience so they follow along and conform to whatever majority rules at work, school, church, social clubs etc.

Experiences, good and bad, shape our personality and often determines our behavior.  To break free of that, the authors suggest we free ourselves first from the opinions of others, especially those who cast doubt and fear.  The next step is to increase our willpower by taking risks and not being afraid to do something different knowing that we will be able to handle any outcome---success or failure.  The message is clear: It is OK to be ambitious, to want success, money and power, no matter who you are and where you come from.

The authors suggest five ways to push past the limitation of fear and increase self belief citing examples of Amelia Earhart, John F. Kennedy, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Joan of Arc.  An overview of each key is provided below:

  1. Defy all categories.

  2. Constantly reinvent yourself.

  3. Subvert your patterns.

  4. Create a sense of destiny.

  5. Bet on yourself.

As a reader of self help books, I have always read the confidence is key, it isn't a new message.  However, in The 50th Law, the authors provide historical, psychological and social contexts for this message making it their own in this book.  For further information about how to incorporate these keys into your life, you must read The 5oth Law...