The 50th Law: Respect The Process-Mastery

The 50th Law series treks along with a focus on Chapter 8, titled, Respect The Process-Mastery.  This chapter warns readers that all the things we want in life: money, success and attention, will not come easily and will require discipline and the mastery of certain skills to get all that we want in life. Before 50 Cent edged his way from the street life to the world of hip hop and ultimately Corporate America, he began to study boxing.  This sport gave him the physical agility and mental discipline he would need later on life.  It was through boxing that he learned that sheer persistence and step-by-step progression was the only way to succeed in anything. [208]

His approach to the hip hop world was to take everything slowly and learn every aspect of the game.  Later, he would use Columbia Records as a university, educating himself about the business by talking to people in every division.  This is how he learned marketing, distribution, the nuts and bolts of the music business and all aspects of the music business. [209]

He would later use all of these skills when launching his own campaign as an independent artist and develop them further as he expanded his brand and branched out into other areas of Corporate America.  Through it all, he learned that boredom and fear were the only things that could hold him back.

The keys to mastery are:

  1. Progress through trial and error. 50 Cent points out the learning and thinking process of old has been shunned for that which is more fun, fast and easy. Learning is difficult, slow and laborious and should be in order to master any craft. Mastery requires time, focus and energy---and practice.

  2. Master something simple. Attack the fear you have about mastering anything hard and complicated by starting with something simple in order to build your confidence and reassure yourself that it can be done.

  3. Internalize the rules of the game. Learning and following social and political skills and conventions from the inside is necessary in the early stages and will help you to get ahead later on.

  4. Attune yourself to the details. Become focused on the details of any project you're working by immersing yourself in the field, figuring out the tastes of your target audience and the latest advances in technology. Developing a patience for the details is essential to mastering any craft.

  5. Rediscover your natural persistence. It takes years to accomplish most goals and persistence is needed to get past any obstacle or temptation. It isn't easy but it is a skill that must be developed.

This chapter really digs into the road to success and in life and really exposes some hard core life lessons.  I would also have to say that of everything I know about 50 Cent as an artist and as a fan of his music, this chapter really revealed his true progression and acumen as a businessman.  And I gained an even greater respect for him as the book really explains his road to success and how much time and effort it took to get there.  It isn't just how much and how hard he had to work to become a success, but it is also how smart and disciplined and how focused he had to be in order to do it all.

Until next time.