Musical Playlist #2: Kid Cudi Edition

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

I'm not always late to the party but sometimes it happens.  I am definitely late to the Kid Cudi party. Don't get me wrong.  I loved his hit Day N Nite and some of his other songs, but I didn't check out his album until recently.

In my defense, it wasn't because I didn't think it was a good album.  It's just that aside from my staple artists, I've kind of fallen out of love with hip hop.  Not officially.  I guess you could say we're on a "break."  Of course that doesn't mean that once in awhile I won't dip back in and have a brief affair, but overall I still long for old school hip hop.  Especially hip hop in the late 1980’s to mid 1990’s.  That era has to be a golden era for hip hop, at least in my eyes it is.

Every once in awhile a new hip hop artist emerges and breathes new life into the genre I love.  There's been a lot of talk about Drake, B.o.B. and of course Kid Cudi.  His first album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day is a concept album that tells a story about his life, dreams and so many more emotions.  The beats are spectacular and his music crosses so many different genres.  He also collaborates with both very famous and up and coming acts who collectively bring a unique energy to this album.

I love this album so much that I have been playing it so much.  There are so many things I like about it but I especially appreciate the honesty of emotions, the truth of life experience in his lyrics and singing as much as I love dancing to some really hypnotic and mesmerizing beats.

I love all of the songs but I thought I'd share just a few tracks with you all:

  1. Day N Nite

  2. Enter Galactic: Love Connection Part 1

  3. Sky Might Fall

  4. Alive

  5. Pursuit of Happiness

  6. Cudi Zone

Day N Nite

Everyone loves this song and it was Cudi's biggest hit from this album. I'd hear it everywhere I went and from the beginning I thought it was pretty special.  A dope beat, lyrics about loneliness, isolation and heartbreak.  I could definitely relate.  The video matched its creativity and was visually stimulating.

Enter Galactic: Love Connection Part 1

Has a new wave disco feel to it.  Definitely makes you want to dance.  He talks about popping X  or pills and feeling a love thing for his girl.  And he does it all without denigrating her or calling her a bitch.  My kind of guy.

Sky Might Fall

Produced by Kanye, Cudi's label mate and the guy who signed him, this song is definitely a banger.  Perfect for those moments when you feel the world is falling down upon you and you know you must stand tall in the face of adversity. (Oh, how I can so relate.)


This one features Ratatat.  Tells the story of a man that is fighting the beast and darkness within and hoping that his girl can see past all of that.  He sings about coming alive at night under a moon.  Makes me think of the Werewolf movie with Benicio del Toro for some reason.  Maybe it would have been perfect for the soundtrack.

Pursuit of Happiness (Original Version)

Alternate Version: Pursuit of Happiness (Megaforce Version)

Something we can all relate to.  I think most of us want to be happy and lead care-free lives.  And in this song, Cudi talks about his journey to find that.  Of course he promotes his so-called stoner lifestyle but if that's what makes him happy...well, you get the point.  It also helps that this song has a psychedelic feel to it.  The videos are perfect for it as it captured that slowed-down element.  This song features MGMT and Ratatat.

Cudi Zone

Cudi Zone is the perfect song for those of us who need to stay focused and escape from all the craziness of the world.  In this one, Cudi talks about how he feels when he's in his zone and ignoring the harsh reality of the world.  It's also a very dance-able song.  Definitely one of my favorites.

Overall, I'm happy that I finally purchased this album.  Coincidentally his next album is coming out soon.  I can't wait.  This time I won't be late to the party.