Musical Playlist #5: Barry White

barry white-glodean.jpg

Barry White, also known as the Maestro or the Master of Love, was an amazing producer and singer and songwriter.  He wrote and produced hit songs for himself as well as other artists. Over the course of his career he sold over 100 million records and created and honed such acts as the girl group, Love Unlimited and helmed the Love Unlimited Orchestra.

For as long as I can remember, I've been listening to Barry White's music.  His songs could be heard on the radio both inside and outside of my home.  I recall watching him in music videos in the late 1980’s and again in the mid to late 1990’s when he mounted his most successful "comeback."  Known primarily for his classic disco and soul songs, he is also famous for making love songs and "baby making music."  Whatever you call it, his music is good and I'm a huge fan of his.

What I love most about Barry White is that his songs are so layered and rich and he had the talent of creating songs that made you wish they never ended.  I don't know if I can even explain it.  But when you listen to a Barry White song, the ending always leaves me with the feeling of wanting more.


This musical playlist is dedicated to Barry White and features some of my favorite songs by him as well as few songs that he produced for other artists.  

I've Got So Much To Give

This song was Barry White's first single as a solo artist and comes from his solo album of the same name. Released in 1973 it begins slowly with a romantic pleading monologue from Barry in his famous baritone. The music is mesmerizing, guitars, piano, drums and violins create this sound that is both romantic and also makes you want to dance.  (I picture myself doing the hustle with this one...) They build and work together until reaching a great climax.  And did I mention the lyrics, so beautiful, emotional, the kind of words that you want to hear from the one you love.  One of my absolute favorite songs by him and of all time. I simply love this song beyond words...

It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me

I am convinced lots of children were conceived listening to this one.  This bass line has been sampled so much it's not even funny, but there is only one original, and this 12" mix offers the best this song has to give.  It has the right combination of sexiness and groove to make you want to get up a dance and show your partner what you can really do.  (Take that however you want to.)

Your Sweetness Is My Weakness

I've included a performance video of this tune because it highlights the dramatic horns and rhythm of this number.  A high energy dance tune that ends in a crescendo of horns---indescribable.  One of my ultimate favorite songs by Barry White.

Playing Your Game Baby

Another one of Barry's many hit songs. This song is a romantic ballad with a sound all it's own. The melody, the lyrics, the use of instruments and his voice create the perfect sound.  It has inspired artists of my generation and is still a favorite on late night radio.

Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe

You may have heard this one in a commercial, but this classic stands all by itself.  This song starts off with one of Barry's famous monologues before building up into that classic soul-disco climax he was known for.

Never, Never Gonna Give You Up

Another one of Barry's big hits.  I've included a performance video because it shows the Master at his best.  He has remade the original disco version for a modern soul version that does it justice.  Very, very sexy song.  The original also features Barry White playing the harpsichord---major talent.

I Belong To You by Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited, was a girl group that Barry White discovered, developed and produced. He wrote and produced most of their work including this number one record.  I chose a live version of this song to really showcase the talent of these ladies.  On a side-note, the lead singer, Glodean also married Barry White, and they would work together later on a duet album.  (See the pictures above and below, they were such a striking couple!) . I've included the live performance video for your visual and audio pleasure.

Love's Theme by Love Unlimited Orchestra

This instrumental song is a mixture of disco, classical and soul music.  An international number one hit, it is one of the only instrumental songs to go platinum and to cross over many genres. A great song to dance to.  I can only imagine how the discotheques went crazy with this one.  Included in the playlist is the live orchestral version of this song.

I hope you've enjoyed this musical playlist as much as I have.  

Rest in peace Barry White.  Your music will always be loved and appreciated.