Musical Playlist #11: House Party 1

Club Zanzibar-Ace Mungin

Club Zanzibar-Ace Mungin

Disco was killed in 1979, or so they say.  In truth, disco gave birth to dance music and house music.  House music became really popular in the early 1980s.  Popularized first in Chicago, and then

in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and all the major cities before spreading across the country and then the world.  House music also has a variety of forms including freestyle, jazz house, deep house, Hi-NRG, electro funk and so much more.

I was way too young to go to the house parties and clubs that the older kids in my neighborhood went to, but I remember hearing the more popular dance songs at the house parties around my way.  These days, I hear many of these songs again when I'm hanging out with the Central Park Dance Skaters and Coney Island Dancers (I'll post on them later).  It always takes me back and makes me wish I could have gone to Paradise Garage, Palladium, Zanzibar, Club 88 and all those other clubs from back in the day.

Here are 25  tracks for your musical enjoyment.  When I hear these songs I picture myself at one of those basement parties in Harlem or in Brooklyn or downtown at one of the edgier clubs in the Village or the Lower East Side.

  1. Soho-Hot Music

  2. Jungle Brothers-I'll House You

  3. Strafe-Set It Off

  4. Shannon-Let The Music Play

  5. Nu Shooz-I Can't Wait

  6. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam-I Wonder If I Take You Home

  7. Freeeze-I.O.U.

  8. M.A.R.S.-Pump Up The Volume

  9. Marshall Jackson-Move Your Body

  10. Frankie Knuckles-Your Love

  11. Raze-Break For Love

  12. Hardrive-Deep Inside

  13. Lil Louis-Club Lonely (Lonely People)

  14. Nightcrawlers-Push The Feeling On

  15. Aly-Us-Follow Me

  16. Technotronic-Pump Up The Jam

  17. Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman

  18. Touch-Without You

  19. New York's Finest-Do You Feel Me

  20. Nuyorican Soul-The Nervous Track

  21. Cover Girls-Show Me

  22. Expose-Point Of No Return

  23. Lil Suzy-Take Me In Your Arms

  24. Stevie B-I Wanna Be The One

  25. TKA-Maria