Blazing Words: Abuelito

I can hear you in those horns

The congas and percussion beat

I can see you dancing

In Puerto Rico's tropical heat

I can see you on the Loisiada

Where you salsa'd in the streets

I can see you up in Spanish Harlem

Where you and Rita would meet

The big Latin bands would play

And you two could dance the night away

It must have been sweet

I wish I could explain

How a love so young and fleeting

Could leave scars so deep

We never had a connection

The truth was like a thief

Fragments of you

Slipped through

But of the details

Rita did not speak

And so I see you in rhythms

I feel you in song

I see you in every step and spin

At every dance hall

All night long

And when I need to find you

I just tap into that place

Where just a little bit of you

Resides in that special place.



11 November 2011