Luther, the BBC series starring Idris Elba is by far the best television show that I have ever seen.  And I'm not just saying that because its main star is the incomparable (and drool-worthy) Idris Elba...but because the show really is everything I've been looking for in a television series---the strong premise + complex characters + dramatic plot twists + intriguing character developments etc.

The series began in 2010 with two 2-hour episodes.  We were introduced to the handsome and obsessively brooding and dangerously on-edge Detective John Luther.  We quickly learn that while Luther is dedicated to his work, he is a troubled detective---in both his professional and personal life.

The tension between Luther, his colleagues, lovers, friends and enemies while he works to solve uniquely thrilling crimes and bring in dangerous murderers make for many climactic moments.  Everything about the series is brilliant---the moody song by Massive Attack, the gloomy cinematography, the acting, the writing etc.

My only complaint is that the series is too short and infrequent.  I need more Luther in my life.  While there have been promises of a movie, none have yet to come to fruition.

If you haven't watched Luther.  Take a look.  It's one of my all-time favorite television shows.