Musical Playlist 19: Funktastic


George Duke said it best in his song, “Reach For It”:

cuz when the ship hits your hip
better not try to fight it
'cuz the rip is strong and mighty
when the potion hits your notion
and you start that rollarmotion
it'll make you slip
it'll make you dip
and cause a tingling in your hipbone 
or won't you sing it baby

There’s nothing like funk music and when the funk hits you, you can really get lost in the music. (I know, I’m such an old soul…LOL.)

Anyway, these are some of the funk jams that I’ve been playing hard and heavy…

  1. George Duke-Reach For It

  2. George Duke-Dukey Stick

  3. Bootsy Collins-What’s A Telephone Bill

  4. Con Funk Shun-Chase Me

  5. Brick-Dazz

  6. Gap Band-Outstanding

  7. Instant Funk-I Got My Mind Made Up

  8. James Brown-I Got The Feelin’

  9. Cameo-Word Up

  10. Cameo-Candy

  11. Ohio Players-Skin Tight

  12. Earth Wind & Fire-That’s The Way of the World

  13. Kool & The Gang-Summer Madness

  14. Rick James-You & I

  15. Rick James-Give It To Me Baby

  16. Curtis Mayfield-Superfly

  17. Parliament-Up For The Down Stroke

  18. Isley Brothers-That Lady

  19. Central Line-Walking Into The Sunshine

  20. Funkadelic-One Nation Under A Groove

  21. Secret Weapon-Must Be The Music

  22. The Bar-Kays-Holy Ghost

  23. Heatwave-The Groove Line

Check out my playlist on YouTube and enjoy…