Blazing Words: Park Avenue

I never wanted to live on Park Avenue

It always looked so cold

Always looked so empty

Even when it snowed

All the suited men waiting by the door

For the fancy women in their fancy furs

Lincoln town-cars and limousines

Straightaway to Fifth avenue

Never impressed me much

All that glitter and all that glam

No one really gives a fuck

About the little girl from Harlem

Clinging to her Daddy’s hand

All they see is a little black girl

Walking with a big black man

Old ladies with their ugly small dogs

Clutch their purses tight

But smile sweetly to the girl

When she is within sight

I wonder what it’s like to live there

But I don’t think it’s as sweet

As living in my Harlemtown

Hanging in my Harlem streets

Now that Diddy lives there

I wonder if it’s changed and such

Can a black man and girl wander through

Without the stares and clutch 

But I doubt it’s changed that much.

28 January 2005