Musical Playlist 20: Chic


Chic is one of my favorite, favorite groups of all time and since Disco is one of my favorite genres, it is only right that I dedicate an entire Musical Playlist to them!

I grew up listening to Chic and hit songs produced by Nile Rodgers, but really learned more about them as an adult when I first began delving into disco music on my own. Reading Nile Rodgers’ memoir, Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco and Destiny, only confirmed their legacy to me.

What I love about Chic and the Chic Organization (their production team of Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson) is the quality of their music. They were innovative and flexible; composing and producing songs that crossed genres and cultures before it was even trendy! Their disco songs were funky and jazzy and their ballads were gorgeous.

Chic created a sound—the “Chic sound”—- that transformed music and elevated disco and was copied by so many; and created mega hits for artists such as Diana Ross and Sister Sledge. It influenced such hits as “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen among many others.

These are some of my favorite songs from Chic and the Chic Organization. Check out the musical playlist below and enjoy:

  1. I Want Your Love

  2. Savoire Faire

  3. My Feet Keep Dancing

  4. Good Times

  5. Sao Paulo

  6. Falling In Love With You

  7. A Warm Summer Night

  8. What About Me

  9. My Forbidden Lover

  10. Le Freak

  11. Everybody Dance

C’est le Chic!