Musical Playlist 21: Nile Rodgers


I’m back with another Musical Playlist and this time, it’s devoted to my favorite artist-producer, Nile Rodgers. I’ve already written about his legendary group, Chic, and production team, Chic Organization and his memoir, Le Freak, but this time it’s all about the music.

Reading his memoir, Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco and Destiny, gives readers and fans full-on access to his life and career. It is also where I discovered that most of my favorite songs as a little girl are connected to him. (My Mom’s favorite songs too! LOL.)

I’ve also gone back and purchased all of the Chic records and two of his solo albums after reading his memoir. This musical playlist features songs that were produced and performed by Nile. Pretty funky!

  1. David Bowie-Let’s Dance

  2. Diana Ross-Upside Down

  3. Diana Ross-I’m Coming Out

  4. Nile Rodgers-Yum Yum

  5. Nile Rodgers-It’s All In Your Hands

  6. Sister Sledge-We Are Family

  7. Sister Sledge-He’s The Greatest Dancer

  8. Madonna-Like A Virgin

  9. Madonna-Material Girl

  10. Nile Rodgers-My Love Song For You

  11. Sister Sledge-Lost In Music

  12. Sheila-Spacer

Thank you for the music, Nile!