Art Surrounds Me: Ntzoke Shange Exhibit-I Found God In Myself

Ntozake Shange with one of the artworks at the exhibit. (Jet Magazine)

Ntozake Shange with one of the artworks at the exhibit. (Jet Magazine)

In an effort to acknowledge some of the art exhibitions and performances that I’ve been privy to go to in my spare time, I am starting a new series, Art Surrounds Me.

A few weeks ago, I went to see the exhibit, I Found God In Myself: A Visual Celebration of the Seminal Choreopoem For Colored Girls by Ntozake Shange.  If you recall, I posted about this phenomenal work back in 2010.  Tyler Perry has since adapted the play into a film---which was a success and a great work of art with a core cast of actors. 

And since it is the 40th anniversary for this celebrated choreopoem, there have been revivals and a resurgence of the love for this very important work.  Following suit, the Schomburg Center presented Ms. Shange at one of their Schomburg Talks events and an exhibition of art work that was devoted to Ms. Shange and the importance of her work.

I was unable to attend the discussion with Ms. Shange but I did view the exhibit.  As I walked through the Latimer-Edison Gallery, I found myself mesmerized and inspired by the works in this exhibit.  First, for the love and effort put into the art works which reflect how much Ntozake Shange means to our community and how much her literary works mean for our culture and community and its celebration of black womanhood.

To make that kind of impact on the world and our culture is inspiring to me as a writer and a creative spirit.  And I think that our role as creatives are to make works that speak from our hearts and minds but can also impact our culture in some way and reflects experiences and truths that should be shared with the world.

And this is one of the many reasons why I love going to the Schomburg Research Center.  I never know what I’m going to learn or experience.  In this event, I caught an exhibit that shared the same love, admiration and respect for a landmark work and it was really a joy to experience.

More pictures of the exhibit can be found here.