Flashback: Schomburg-Black Power 50


The Schomburg Research Center in Black Culture curated three amazing exhibitions called the Black Power 50, a celebration of the 50th Anniversary for the Black Power Movement. The series comprised of the main exhibition, “Black Power 50” and two others, “Black Power in Print” and “Black Power in Film.”

The exhibits showcased the history of the Black Power Movement and its leaders and the effect of this movement on the black community, the arts, entertainment and culture and ultimately its influence on the world.

Black Power 50, the main exhibit featured rarely seen photographs of the SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), the Black Panther Party (and its branches around the country and the world), Malcolm X and MLK and independent schools, universities and martial arts dojos in the black community.

Black Power in Print showcased actual posters, flyers, photographs and artwork of black author’s and artists connected with the Black Power movement. The Black Power in Film featured clips of classic 1970s films (often called blaxploitation films) like the Mack, Superfly, Shaft and a video loop of the documentary, Baadassss Cinema, all linking back to the Black Power movement and its influence on cinema at the time.

Truly a fascinating exhibit and the curators did a magnificent job with it.  I’ve posted pictures here in the gallery below. Read more about the exhibit on NYPL’s website, here. An online version of this exhibition can be found on the Schomburg’s website, here.

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