8th Anniversary


Happy Anniversary! 

It’s been eight years now of the Blazing Star Chronicles. Still on the writing trails, I have also spent the last year traveling and pursuing my love of the art world. I felt the need to live more and experience more because I needed to get out of the office and away from home. Last year, I spent a lot of time refreshing my mind and spirit in an effort to unleash more of the creative spirit within.

I thought that last year I would finally finish rewriting my novel and publish it. Yet, I found that I needed to make some changes and developmental edits that took a little longer than expected. In the midst of the frustration, I continued writing but also began working on other projects.

Such is the draw of “shiny new projects.” To help me hone my energy and focus and get more projects done, I have begun reading more books on organization, time management and productivity. I have also began learning more about the publishing process so that when I am ready to publish.

Here’s to a more productive year!