Blazing Words: Sacrifice

I've done a lot of reading

Watching and listening

And even that isn't enough

What I can only see in pictures

Or clips of archive video

Shows just a chunk

Of the fight and the struggle

The process and the progress

The eloquence and the finesse

Of our best and brightest

And our rank and file

The sleepless nights

The raids and riots

The undercurrent pressures

Enemy forces were never restless

The 5 AM Breakfast Programs

The afternoon political theory sessions

The sermons and rallies

The press conferences and gatherings

The many nights they spent away

From the ones who loved them most

To keep running and funding

The very movements that paid the cost

For our freedoms

For our rights

I'll never really know what it was like

But, yes I can read about it

I can watch it on TV

I can listen to their speeches

Their memories and philosophies

I can thank them and be grateful

For the sacrifice

They've made for you and me.

25 February 2017