Musical Playlist 26: Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan 2.jpg

I discovered Lee Morgan when I began studying Art Blakey’s music. Morgan, a featured trumpeter with the Jazz Messengers, stood out to me when I watched a concert of the Jazz Messengers in Europe. I remember asking my mother, who was watching with me, about him and looking him up online.

I discovered a little about his music and began purchasing his albums. Still, I don’t think I knew about his tragic death. For some reason, I didn’t come across any details about his murder. It wasn’t until I read about the film, Kem, that I discovered the sordid details. (You can read more about the film in my review posted here.)

After watching the film, I went back to my small collection of Lee Morgan’s music and added to them. I have compiled just a few of my favorites by him into this playlist. I hope you fall in love with his music as much as I did.

  1. Search for the New Land

  2. Speedball

  3. Angela

  4. The Sidewinder

  5. Rio

  6. Soft Touch

  7. Neophilia

  8. Mr. Kenyatta

  9. The Joker

  10. Mogie

  11. Ceora

  12. Infinity

Here’s to Lee Morgan…