9th Anniversary


Happy Anniversary!

It is now the 9th year of the Blazing Star Chronicles and this is the year that I publish my first book of my first novel series!

In the upcoming year, I will be sharing more announcements about my book and about my writing process. I spent a lot of last year working on my time management, organization and productivity and while I recognize that I am still a work in progress, I have made movement in all of these areas.  (I will write a post about that later). I also began working as a Program Manager last year and all of these skills came in handy.

Now that my first novel is headed into publication, I am focusing more on the publishing process for indie authors. And while I have found some wonderful resources, the process is a little overwhelming.

Still I am going to push through and get the first book out and I am going to continue writing. So far, I am almost halfway through the second book of the series and I am committed to both publishing the first book and finishing the second book this Fall.

Now that I’ve said that let me get back to writing. Here’s to a New Year and the opening of a new lane.