Blazing Words: Why I Smile

They don’t know why I smile…

When there is nothing to smile about

Through the weariness and the pain

Through all of the storms and even through the rain

I smile…

They don’t know why I smile…

When there’s hurt and it’s easier to cry

Despite the pain, the deception and the lies

Despite the evil, the jealousy and envy

I smile…

They don’t know that I smile just because

Just because today is another day

Another opportunity for me to do it His way

Another chance to get beyond my circumstance

Another gift from the Lord that I’ve received

Another blessing from Him indeed

They don’t know that I’ve come too far to frown

Too far to feel unhappy, sad or down

They don’t know what I’ve been through

What the Lord has given me and how He’s seen me through

And so I smile as I always do

But they don’t know why I do what I do

And that’s okay…It’s just between me and you!

30 October 2004