RIP Tiger Lily

The great Tiger Lily…

The great Tiger Lily…

Today, we said goodbye to our beloved Tiger Lily, a golden tabby cat that we adopted alongside her brother, Tricky. They were only four weeks old when we adopted them on April Fool’s Day in 2000. Born in a bodega in the South Bronx, their mother cat had died unexpectedly from accidental poisoning. A couple we know rescued them and took care of them until they gave them to us. They told us that they were two girl cats and I named them “Tiger Lily” and “Iris.” Of course, a month later, I discovered that “Iris” was really a boy and renamed him Tricky.

We lost Tricky in April 2008 of kidney failure. He was a wonderful and sweet cat. Tiger Lily remained with us until now. She was 18 years old---and an amazing cat---very smart, very sweet and full of personality. She made us laugh and comforted us all the time. She was so smart and creative that she often did things that astounded us such as building her own bed out of a box, a blanket and a roll of paper towel that she dragged to the box herself. She had a strong voice and tried her best to meow in a tone that matched ours. In fact, she would nag us the way she heard my mother nag me. LMAO.

And she was kind and a good teacher to my cats Callie and Machito. She taught them how to behave better and improved their temperament by demonstration. I called her an expert in cat etiquette. LOL.

I will always love Tricky and Tiger Lily and am so happy that they were part of my family for so many years. They have been immortalized in the anthology, Pets Across America Volume 2, which published a short story and poem that I wrote about them.

Rest in peace my sweet darling. Until we meet again.