Musical Playlist 32: Funktastic II


Don’t you give up

Keep going, keep going

Don’t you give up

Keep going, keep going

We’re gonna funk you right on up

We’re gonna funk you right on up


I’m back with another Musical Playlist dedicated solely to funk music. I can’t claim to know all funk music, I am constantly discovering a new artist or element to this genre of music. I’ve learned that the tentacles of funk reach out and into disco, soul, blues, jazz and hip hop music.

And to me, there is nothing better than a disco or funk record! There is no greater dance music, if you ask me. It just really hits me hard, deep inside my soul. Makes me wish that I was born in another era where they really appreciated this music. I can only imagine the club scene back in the day. Our generation has had some great music, but most of our hits were offshoots of the original funk, soul, disco classics.

It makes me want the feeling that my parents have when they talk about the clubs they went to or the live concerts they’ve seen. And I’ve been fortunate to see some of the legendary funk musicians live and in concert (namely Bootsy Collins, Kool & The Gang and The Time.)

On a sidenote: I am so thankful that I got to see Bootsy in concert before he announced his retirement. Mom and I saw him in concert at the Coney Island Amphitheatre in Brooklyn, NY and I was hoping to see him again when he returned to NYC but alas….

Here’s a sampling of the funk that really hits the eardrum.

  1. George Duke-’Scuse Me Miss

  2. Bootsy Collins-I’d Rather Be With You

  3. Con Funk Shun-Ms. Got The Body

  4. Con Funk Shun-Got To Be Enough

  5. Brick-Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody

  6. Gap Band-You Dropped A Bomb On Me

  7. James Brown-Make It Funky

  8. James Brown-Super Bad

  9. Cameo-Shake Your Pants

  10. The Ohio Players-Sweet, Sticky Thing

  11. The Ohio Players-Good Luck Charm

  12. Earth Wind & Fire-Let’s Groove

  13. Kool & The Gang-Take It To The Top

  14. Kool & The Gang-Jungle Boogie

  15. Kool & The Gang-Hollywood Swingin’

  16. Rick James-Ghetto Life

  17. Curtis Mayfield-Future Shock

  18. Curtis Mayfield-Kung Fu

  19. Parliament-P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)

  20. Parliament-Flashlight

  21. Parliament-The Freeze (Sizzaleanmean)

Enjoy the funk!