Beautifully Fooled

Blazing Words: Beautifully Fooled

I was fooled by your beauty
Your rolling green hills
Your trees overflowing with every shade of pastel
All vibrant and distracting
Pulling me toward it and hiding the truth all the while
You hid so well behind all your luscious trees
All wild and beautiful
Like amazons grazing beneath the sky
While I swam in your rivers
And bathed in your creeks
You showed me beauty and hid your evil in the swamps.
I walked on bridges over streams and lakes
All the while lying in your wake
The forest of lies and sinful desires
Halls filled with roses and spring green
Oak trees and wicker seat me
You made me think I was Cinderella in Wonderland
I should have known I wasn’t Alice
But I was fooled by your beauty
Your sweet words
Entangled me in your forest
Made me feel like I had escaped my evil stepmother
You know she was so ugly and decrepit
Full of smoke and bad air
No green trees, only green rivers
So loud and noisy and distracting
A place of misery
Or so I thought
I had no idea that your beauty was a lie
That you spoke lies
But you did it so well
You made me feel so welcome and warm
You were so hospitable
I wasn’t used to anything but harsh words
And a harsh reality
But at least it was real
I thought you were too
But only better
I know now
That I was beautifully fooled…


14 September 2005