Blazing Words: The End Of The Affair

She was named for a movie star, and he for a saint.

They laughed about it in the park,

he kissed her ’til she felt faint.

Days and nights of wonder

yet she was so naïve.

He was a soldier and a gangster

with sweet tricks up his sleeve.

When the red balloon appeared

she knew not what to do.

From all that she had done

and yet she had no clue.

Their innocent love affair

was a scandal in their day.

When the red balloon floated away

she learned that love isn’t always fair.

She learned it twice as hard

when he left her doubly bare.

Heartbroken a vow she made

his name would go unspoken

his remnants ignored so that

she could remain the same.

The great one protected her

and wrapped her into her cocoon.

It was only the way to go

when her baby grew up too soon.

It was the end of their affair

and the family went on.

But her story didn’t end

it was just a new dawn.

She didn’t see the sun rise

in the crown of her children’s hair.

She covered her eyes

and chose not to be there.

Silence was chosen

in place of reality.

Still this burden from love

caused insanity.

A secret hush

courses through their veins.

No words are spoken

but the remnants of the affair remain.


9 December 2008